Which Phones Cannot Scan QR Codes? Find Out Here!

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Are you missing out on the convenience of QR codes? They’re everywhere! You can use them to make payments, share contact information, or access websites with ease. But beware – not all phones can scan QR codes without additional software. Android 7 or lower? You’ll need a third-party app. And it’s not just Android users – iPhones, Windows Phones, BlackBerry phones, and basic Samsung feature phones may all require extra steps to scan QR codes. Don’t despair though, simply download a free third-party app and enjoy the benefits of QR codes on any device.

Unsupported Operating Systems

In today’s society, QR codes have become an essential feature of daily life. With a simple scan, QR codes can provide instant access to information, promote businesses, and enhance consumer engagement. However, not all smartphones can scan QR codes natively. One of the most significant limitations is with unsupported operating systems.

Majority of Android Version 7 and Lower

According to recent statistics, the majority of Android users worldwide still use version 7 and lower. Unfortunately, this means that these users cannot scan QR codes without a third-party application. Even though some variants of Android 6.0 may have built-in QR code scanning capabilities, the same does not apply to Android 7 and earlier versions.

No Support for Native QR Code Scanning

QR code scanning support launched natively with Android 8.0 Oreo, which means that users of Android 7 and lower cannot scan QR codes natively. Unless they have installed third-party QR code scanner applications, these users are left to manually enter web addresses or data found on the codes. This leads to additional frustration, thereby reducing the user experience and limiting the effectiveness of QR codes in daily use.

Limitations of Pre-Android 6.0 Operating Systems

Even though some versions of Android 6.0 may support QR code scanning, it can also have some limitations. For instance, some versions may not scan QR codes that contain more detailed information. Additionally, other versions might only be able to scan QR codes using the rear camera of the phone, making self-scanning difficult.

Dependency on Third-Party Applications

Users of smartphones running Android 7 and lower must install third-party scanner apps to scan QR codes. This dependency on additional applications can lead to additional installation requirements and download time. Besides, the user interface on these types of scanners may differ significantly from the standard QR code scanner.

Options to Install QR Code Scanner Apps

The difficulty of scanning QR codes on unsupported operating systems can be mitigated by installing QR code scanner applications. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Zxing Barcode Scanner: This application is available on both iOS and Android devices and is one of the most popular barcode scanner applications.
  • QR Code Reader: This application is available on both iOS and Android devices and is considered one of the best QR code reader apps.
  • QR Droid: This app is only available on Android devices, and it is considered the most powerful QR code scanner application.

Rise in Adoption of QR Code Scanner Apps

With the limitation of QR code scanning on unsupported operating systems, there has been a rise in the adoption of QR code scanner applications. As businesses and more industries rely on QR codes, it is essential to consider users using unsupported operating systems. Hence, businesses can promote the installation of third-party QR code scanner apps to improve customer experience and interaction. Furthermore, this highlights the need to update operating systems continually to ensure QR code scanning support and improved user experience.


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