Is QR Code Monkey truly free? Uncovering the hidden costs

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Are you on the hunt for an online QR code generator that won’t break the bank? Look no further than QR Code Monkey. The best part? They offer a free version of their service! But before you dive in, there are a few things you should know:

  • Limited design options – Unfortunately, the free version won’t grant you access to all of the design tools available with the paid version. Still, there are a variety of templates and color options available.
  • Fewer customization options – You won’t be able to customize the shape or size of your QR code with the free version.
  • Watermark – The free version comes with a small QR Code Monkey watermark on your QR code image. Not a fan? Upgrade to the paid version and remove it.
  • Usage limits – With the free version, you’re limited to creating five QR codes per day. Planning on generating more than that? Upgrade to the paid version.
  • Don’t let these limitations discourage you – QR Code Monkey’s free version is still a great option for those looking to generate simple QR codes. But if you’re in need of more design options or want to create larger batches of codes, an upgrade to the paid version might be worth it.

    QR Code Monkey Overview

    QR Code Monkey is a popular online QR code generator that enables individuals and businesses to create custom QR codes for free. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, making it straightforward even for novices to create QR codes that can be used for various purposes, including marketing, event management, and product packaging. QR Code Monkey has been around for quite some time, and it is continually updated with new features, making it one of the most preferred QR code generators globally.

    Understanding the Label “Free”

    Before delving deeper into the features of QR Code Monkey, it’s essential to understand what is meant by “Free.” While QR Code Monkey is free to use, some limitations come with this label. For instance, free users can only generate QR codes up to 500 pixels in size, while premium users enjoy unlimited size. Additionally, QR codes generated by free users are watermarked, but this is not the case with premium users. Nevertheless, the free version of QR Code Monkey is quite useful, and it gives users access to a whole range of features.

    The Features of QR Code Monkey

    QR Code Monkey provides users with ample opportunities to create custom QR codes to fit their needs. Here are some of the main features available:

    Customization: QR Code Monkey allows users to customize their QR codes based on the type of data they want to encode. Users can incorporate images, add colors, and brand their QR codes with logos or icons.

    Multiple Encoding: Using QR Code Monkey, users can encode a vast range of data, including URLs, text, phone numbers, SMS, email, and even Vcards.

    High-Quality QR Codes: Even though free users’ QR codes are watermarked, the image quality is still decent. However, premium users enjoy unlimited size, high-quality QR codes without any watermarks.

    QR Code Tracking: QR Code Monkey provides users with real-time data about the performance of their QR codes. This information can help them evaluate their ongoing campaigns and make adjustments accordingly.

    The Upsides and Downsides of Using QR Code Monkey

    The Upsides

    • User-friendly interface
    • Wide range of customization options
    • Multiple encoding capabilities
    • Excellent tracking features
    • Free version available

    The Downsides

    • Free version has limitations
    • Watermarked QR codes for free users
    • Customer support is only available to premium users

    How QR Code Monkey can Make Money

    Given that QR Code Monkey offers a free version, one would wonder how they make money. Well, QR Code Monkey generates revenue through its premium subscription option. Premium users get access to more features, including unlimited QR code size, the ability to create QR codes in scalable vector graphic format (SVG), and the option to remove watermarks. In addition to this, QR Code Monkey also offers custom design services for clients who may need more customized QR codes.

    Alternative Tools to QR Code Monkey

    While QR Code Monkey is undoubtedly a popular QR code generator, several alternative tools offer similar or even better features. Some of the alternatives include:

    QR Code Generator: This tool provides users with more customization options than QR Code Monkey and also generates high-quality QR codes.

    QR Stuff: With QR Stuff, users can create QR codes for free, but some features are only available to paid users.

    The QR Code Generator: This tool also allows users to generate free QR codes, and the experience is quite similar to QR Code Monkey.

    Conclusion: Is QR Code Monkey Really Free?

    In conclusion, QR Code Monkey is an excellent QR code generator that is both free and user-friendly. However, the free version comes with some limitations, and the watermarked QR codes may be a dealbreaker for some. Despite this, the tool offers ample features that can be used for various purposes, and it’s worth considering, especially for beginners. Additionally, the premium subscription option adds to the overall value of the QR Code Monkey platform.


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