How do I create a QR code for free on my phone? A step-by-step guide

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Looking for a quick and simple way to share information? Look no further than QR codes! And with this easy guide, creating a QR code on your Android phone has never been easier. Simply follow these steps using the Google Chrome browser:

  • Install Google Chrome on your Android phone from the Google Play Store.
  • Go to the URL you wish to share and open it in Chrome.
  • Click on the three vertical dots () on the toolbar at the top.
  • Select the “Share” option.
  • In the pop-up window, choose “QR Code”.
  • You can either download the QR code at the top of the screen or hold your phone in front of someone and let them scan it.

    And voila! Your personalized QR code is good to go. With the Google Chrome browser, creating a QR code is quick, easy, and completely free. Whether you need to share a website or a social media profile, a QR code can do the trick. So next time you need a code on your Android phone, follow these simple steps to get it done in a jiffy!

    Choosing your preferred browser for creating QR codes

    QR codes are becoming increasingly popular as a way to quickly share information with others. QR codes can be used to share website URLs, contact details, email addresses, and a host of other internet-based data. If you are looking to create a QR code to share information with others, your first step is to choose your preferred browser for creating QR codes. You can choose from a range of internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. However, for this article, we will focus on how to create a QR code using Google Chrome on an Android device.

    Step-by-step guide for creating QR codes on Android

    Creating a QR code on Android using Google Chrome is a quick and easy process. Here are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow:

    Discovering the Google Chrome app on Google Play Store

    Before you can create a QR code using Google Chrome, you need to make sure that you have the app installed on your Android device. You can download the Google Chrome app from the Google Play Store, which should be pre-installed on your device. Navigate to the Google Play Store, search for “Google Chrome,” and then download the app if you haven’t already.

    Navigating to the URL you want to share through a QR code

    Once you have installed the Google Chrome app, navigate to the URL that you want to share through a QR code. This can be a website URL or any other internet-based data that you want to share with others.

    Finding the share button on your Android device

    Once you have navigated to the URL that you want to share, you will need to find the share button on your Android device. This is typically represented by three vertical dots () on the toolbar at the top of your screen. Tap on the share button to access the share options.

    Selecting QR Code from the share options

    In the pop-up window that appears after tapping on the share button, you will see a range of sharing options. Look for the option that says “QR Code,” and then select it. This will generate a QR code for the URL you are trying to share.

    Downloading or sharing your QR code directly from your device

    Once you have generated your QR code, you can choose to download it to your device or share it directly with others. To download the QR code, simply click on the download button at the top of the screen. To share the QR code, hold your device up to another individual’s device so that they can scan the code directly from your screen.


    Creating a QR code on your Android device using Google Chrome is a straightforward process that can be done quickly and easily. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can generate a QR code for any URL or internet-based data in just a few clicks. Whether you are looking to share contact details, website URLs, or any other type of information, QR codes offer a quick and easy way to share data with others. So why not give it a try and start creating your own QR codes today?

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