Does a generated QR code expire? The truth behind their lifespan

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Do you know the difference between static and dynamic QR codes? Let me fill you in!

Static QR Codes: These babies are created once and never altered again. They’re like a photo – once it’s captured, it’s there forever. That means that your code won’t expire and you won’t need to update it.

Dynamic QR Codes: These codes are the chameleons of the QR world – they change and adapt as needed. Whether you need to update the content or track the code’s engagement, a dynamic QR code has got you covered. However, beware! They do expire after a certain amount of time or after a specified number of scans.

So, which one should you use? If you don’t need to update the content or track your code’s usage, go for a static code. But if you’re all about those updates and analytics, a dynamic code is your best bet – just be prepared for it to expire eventually!

Does a Generated QR Code Expire?

QR codes are incredibly useful tools that have become increasingly popular in today’s digitized world. They are versatile, quick, and easy to use, making them an effective way of promoting different brands, events, products or services. They can also store large amounts of information and data, allowing businesses to share and gather data from prospective customers, and enabling customers to view the information using a smartphone camera. However, one of the questions that frequently comes up in conversations about QR codes is whether they expire. In this article, we will look into static QR codes and whether they expire or not, and compare them to dynamic QR codes that expire.

Understanding Static QR Codes

A Static QR code, also known as a pre-generated QR code, is a QR code that contains information that is fixed and cannot be modified or updated after it has been created. These codes are often used to represent fixed information such as a website URL, social media profile or a text message. Once created, this code can be printed on different materials, including banners, brochures, business cards, posters, and more. Static QR codes have been around since the inception of QR codes, and their popularity has persisted due to their ease of creation and use.

How Long Do Static QR Codes Last?

Static QR codes don’t have an expiration date, meaning that you can use them indefinitely as long as they are not damaged or destroyed. This permanence has been one of the reasons for the prevalence of their use over the years. However, it’s worth noting that they are not actively tracked or updated, so you can’t analyze the impact of a specific code directly. The only way to track QR code engagement or success is to create multiple codes, each with its unique tracking mechanism.

The Permanence of Static QR Codes

Static QR codes are permanent and retain the data they were created with. This persistence makes them useful for the following cases:

– Marketing campaigns: as businesses can generate codes with information about their products, services, and offers to share them on different media.
– ID badges: for issuing identification badges that can contain basic information such as names, job titles, and contact details.
– Events: for sharing ticket information, schedules, maps, and more.

The permanence of Static QR codes doesn’t allow much room for editing, which means that if there are any changes to the code, you will need to generate a new code to make sure users receive accurate and up-to-date information.

Dynamic QR Codes vs. Static QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes are distinct from static QR codes in that they enable you to modify the code’s content in real-time. This ability comes in handy when businesses need to update codes regularly as the information they contain changes. Dynamic QR codes only last for a specific period, typically between 30 days to a year, after which they expire, rendering them unusable.

Advantages of Using Static QR Codes

Static QR codes come with a set of advantages that make their use beneficial to businesses, including:

– Quick and easy generation: Creating Static QR codes is quick and simple as all it requires is adding the necessary information you want to be contained in the code and generating it.
– Reliability: Once created, a Static QR code can be repeatedly scanned without the fear of error or disruption like a dynamic QR code.
– Economical: Static QR codes are economical as they require no maintenance once created and printed.
– Customizable: You can customize the design of a Static QR code to suit your preference or your business’s brand image.

Limitations of Static QR Codes

While Static QR codes are useful in several ways, they do have limitations that make their use somewhat impractical in certain circumstances. These include:

– No real-time updates: Once a Static QR code is created, it can’t be altered or modified, which means any changes require a new code to be created.
– Limited data capacity: Static QR codes can store a limited amount of data, making them infeasible when you need to store large amounts of data.
– No tracking: Static QR codes don’t allow for real-time engagement tracking, making it almost impossible to gauge the success rate of a campaign or track engagement.

Updating Information on Static QR Codes

As stated above, updating the contents of a Static QR code requires generating a new code. If your business or organization undergoes changes that require updating its contact information, links to profiles or a product’s price change, the best solution is to generate a new Static QR code so that people who scan the code receive up-to-date information.

In conclusion, Static QR codes don’t expire but are immutable, meaning they can’t be modified once created. Their permanence makes them a reliable and economical solution in situations where the information is static and permanent. However, they have limitations such as capacity for more data, no tracking, and cannot be updated in real-time, which may require the use of Dynamic QR codes.


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