Can I own my own QR code? Yes, and here’s why you should!

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Looking to make your QR code stand out from the pack? Why settle for a boring square when you can create your very own circular QR code? And the best part? You don’t need any advanced tech skills to do it! Here’s how you can get started:

  • First, generate a regular QR code using a free online QR Code generator, like QR Code Monkey or
  • Next, hop on over to a QR code platform that offers circular templates. Some great options include QRCode Studio, QR code Generator, and Visualead.
  • Choose the circular template you prefer and import your regular QR code into it.
  • Now it’s time to get creative! Customize your circular QR code with different colors, patterns, and shapes to make it totally unique.
  • But, a word of caution: some old-school scanners may have trouble reading circular QR codes, but let’s face it, who even uses those anymore? Most modern scanners have no issues, so get to creating your very own custom-coded masterpiece!

    Understanding QR Codes

    QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes that were originally developed in Japan for the automotive industry. These codes have become increasingly popular over the years, and are used in a wide range of applications, including advertising, marketing, and payments. With these codes, users can scan the code with their smartphone camera, and be directed to a website, social media page, or other online content.

    In essence, QR codes serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, making it easy for marketers and advertisers to increase engagement with their target audience. These codes can be placed on posters, flyers, billboards, and other marketing materials to give audiences quick access to more information, discounts, or special offers.

    Can you Own a QR Code?

    While it is not possible to own a QR code the way you might own a domain name, you can create and customize your own QR code for your specific needs. Whether you want to create a QR code for your business or personal use, you can easily do so with the help of specialized QR code platforms that are available online.

    A QR code is simply a graphic image that contains information that can be read by a specific device. As such, anyone can create a new QR code whenever they want to. However, if you are planning to use the QR code for commercial purposes, it’s important to ensure that you are not infringing on anyone else’s intellectual property rights.

    Creating a QR Code: Step-by-Step Guide

    Creating a QR code is a straightforward process, and can be done in just a few simple steps:

    1. Choose a QR code generator: There are many different QR code generators available online, including QR Code Monkey, QR Code Generator, and Unitag. Choose the generator that is most suitable for your needs.
    2. Select the type of content you want to encode: This could be a URL, text, or contact information, among other things.
    3. Customize your QR code: Choose from a range of design options, such as color, shape, and size, to make your QR code stand out.
    4. Download and test your QR code: Make sure your QR code works by scanning it with a smartphone camera. You may also want to test it with different devices to ensure compatibility.

    How to Make a Circular QR Code?

    To make a circular QR code, you’ll first need to choose a QR code generator that offers circular templates. Many QR code platforms offer these templates, which will allow you to create a round QR code that can be customized to your needs.

    Once you’ve selected your preferred QR code generator, follow these simple steps to create your circular QR code:

    1. Select the circular template: Choose the circular template from the list of available options on your chosen QR code generator.
    2. Enter your desired content: Enter the content you want to encode into the QR code, such as a URL or text.
    3. Customize your design: Choose from a range of design options, such as color, logo, and background image, to make your circular QR code stand out.
    4. Download and test your QR code: Make sure your circular QR code works by scanning it with a smartphone camera. You may also want to test it with different devices to ensure compatibility.

    Benefits of Using a Circular QR Code

    There are several benefits to using a circular QR code, including:

    1. Circular QR codes are more visually appealing than traditional square QR codes.
    2. Circular QR codes can be integrated into your overall design aesthetic, making them a more seamless part of your marketing materials.
    3. Circular QR codes can be customized to match your brand colors and logo, helping to increase brand recognition.

    Creating Elongated QR Codes: What You Need to Know

    Elongated QR codes are square QR codes that include extra design elements surrounding them to make them appear longer. These elongated QR codes can be used to include additional marketing messages or branding elements in your marketing materials.

    When creating elongated QR codes, it’s important to ensure that they are still scannable and that the additional design elements do not interfere with the core functionality of the QR code. Here are a few factors to consider when creating elongated QR codes:

    • The additional design elements should not obscure the scannable area of the QR code.
    • The QR code should still be large enough to be scannable, even with the additional design elements.
    • The elongated QR code should still be compatible with most smartphones and scanning apps.

    Factors to Consider in Choosing a QR Code Platform to Use

    When choosing a QR code platform to create and manage your QR codes, there are several factors to consider, including:

    • Design options: Look for a QR code platform that offers a range of design options, including templates, color schemes, and logo customization.
    • Compatibility: Ensure that the QR code platform is compatible with most smartphones and scanning apps.
    • Analytics: Choose a QR code platform that offers analytics and tracking data, so you can measure the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns.
    • Pricing: Look for a QR code platform that offers affordable pricing options, with scalable plans depending on your needs.

    In conclusion, QR codes are versatile tools that can be used in a wide range of marketing and advertising campaigns. With the right QR code platform, you can create customized QR codes that reflect your brand and message, and help you engage with your target audience in new and innovative ways.


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