Are QR Codes Mandatory in Queensland? Find Out Now!

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Attention all Queenslanders! Keep yourself and your community safe with the Check-In Qld app! No more check-in forms required! Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Check-In Qld app features a unique QR code for each location – making contact tracing easier and more convenient for everyone.
  • While QR codes aren’t mandatory, their use is highly recommended to help contain potential outbreaks.
  • The app provides real-time data to public health officials, so they can respond quickly to any potential outbreaks – keeping everyone safe!
  • Businesses can still use traditional sign-in methods if they prefer though.

Remember, everyone has a role to play in keeping our community safe. Whether you use QR codes or traditional sign-in methods, make sure you help out!

Are QR Codes Mandatory in Queensland? The Check-In Qld Form is No Longer Needed

QR Codes take over Check-In Qld Form

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Queensland Government developed the Check-In Qld system to assist with contact tracing. Since launching in May 2021, the system required patrons of certain venues, including cafes, restaurants, and gyms, to fill out a form with their contact information upon arrival. The system proved successful, but the government has now made the decision to phase out the form and replace it with QR codes.

Government makes QR codes mandatory

As of July 1st, 2021, all businesses and venues required to collect contact information from patrons in Queensland must use QR codes. The government believes that QR codes are a more efficient method for contact tracing, allowing for quicker and more accurate identification of close contacts of COVID-19 cases.

The benefits of using QR codes for contact tracing

QR codes have several advantages over traditional contact tracing methods. These include:

  • Speed: QR codes can be quickly scanned using a smartphone camera, reducing wait times and queues.
  • Accuracy: With information automatically uploaded into secure servers, there is less room for error in data entry.
  • Privacy: QR codes allow for contactless entry and eliminate the need for individuals to share their personal information with venue staff.
  • Efficiency: QR codes create a centralised database that enables timely identification and notification of close contacts of COVID-19 cases.

How QR codes work for contact tracing

QR codes work by linking the venue with the Check-In Qld app on a smartphone. Customers simply scan the QR code using their phone’s camera and enter their details once. The app then stores this information securely in a centralised database. In the event of a COVID-19 case, contact tracers can access the database to quickly identify close contacts and reduce the spread of the virus.

Where to find QR codes in Queensland

QR codes can be found at all businesses and venues required to collect customer contact information. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Gyms and fitness studios
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Museums and galleries
  • Hotels and motels
  • Shopping centres and retail stores

QR codes becoming the new norm in public places

With QR codes now mandatory in Queensland, they are quickly becoming the new norm in public places. Businesses and venues are required to prominently display QR codes, making them easily accessible to patrons. As a result, QR codes are set to be the future of contact tracing, playing a key role in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in Queensland and beyond.

In conclusion, QR codes have emerged as the go-to solution for contact tracing in public spaces. With the Check-In Qld app, businesses and venues can easily collect contact information from customers, enabling contact tracers to quickly identify and notify close contacts of COVID-19 cases. With the benefits of speed, accuracy, privacy, and efficiency, QR codes are set to become the new norm in public places. As we continue to navigate the pandemic, it is important to recognise the role that QR codes can play in keeping communities safe and healthy.


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