Animato alternatives for digital marketers

With the prevalence of social media and other media sources making the leap towards video content, it’s not surprising that digital marketers and business owners are exploring the best software and apps to make videos to help their business efforts. Some of the more common metrics marketers strive to hit include conversions, increased web traffic, and even enhanced education about a product or service. 

Some of the most common videos made include:

  • Customer Testimonial: Show satisfaction of previous customers
  • Tutorial Videos: Demonstrate how to do something
  • Demonstration Showcase an action or activity

How do they make these videos? More importantly, how do they generate the level of quality needed to attract viewers that convert? The simple answer is through video-making programs/apps. One of the most popular options is Animoto thanks to its drag and drop function that makes putting together a high-quality video easy.

What is Animoto?

Animoto is an online program that helps people and companies make videos. The free version lets you make a 30-second video that is perfect for a teaser or introduction, but oftentimes people need more resources. The good news is that Animoto does offer a paid membership for those who want more from their video-making efforts. That being said, Animoto’s main feature is its slideshow function. Think like an automatic PowerPoint or Keynote presentation with a lot more functions and capabilities. This simple yet effective solution is a reliable program for anyone from business professionals to teachers and even students and is available on IOS, Android, and on the Cloud.

Some of the additional features of Animoto include:

  • HD Video 1080p
  • Font library
  • Customization options
  • Over 3k music tracks available
  • Pre-built storyboards
  • Video download
  • Shareable on social media

For those who desire more from their software, you can explore the $5, $33, or $49 packages that best suits your needs and budget. However, it’s not just price that matters when choosing your software. We have put together a list of the pros and cons of Animoto for your review.


  • Easily create a professional-quality video with pictures and video clips.
  • Two different video builders to suit your own style
  • Add voiceover, photo collages, text over video, and customizations
  • Video preview option before sharing the final video


  • While solid for marketers and bloggers, it can’t replace the professional software and tools capable of high-end commercial videos/movies
  • Subtle changes in a single frame are impossible
  • Sectional changes in the video are impossible

Animoto is a solid choice but it’s not the only option for those interested in making professional videos. Keep reading to learn more about the top seven Animoto alternatives available.

Top 5 Animoto Alternatives

Each alternative is only as good as what they have to offer and how they can help users accomplish their goals. That’s why we’re providing a quick yet detailed background for each alternative to our readers.


This option is a popular online video editing suite that was made to keep the vide-making process simple. The secret behind Magisto is its AI engine that lets you build a video in three easy steps. 

  • Step one: Choose your media (photos and videos)
  • Step two: Select your desired soundtrack and editing style in the library
  • Step three: Let Magisto put it all together

Magisto is a wonderful video editor for the professional who desires a semi-automatic process that keeps them from having to know every little video-making trick. Plus, the scalability and effectiveness available with Magisto’s video production make it a tempting option for a number of positions including small and large businesses as well as freelancers. In addition, Magisto is available on multiple formats including Android, IOS, and the Cloud.

Magisto isn’t free, but it is quite affordable thanks to different pricing packages as detailed below:

Premium Package: $2.49 a month

  • Access to 60 photos and videos
  • Videos can be up to 2 minutes 30 seconds long
  • Access to premium editing styles
  • Unlimited downloads

Professional Package: $7.49 a month

  • Advanced editing
  • Videos can be 5 minutes long
  • Access to professional editing styles commercially licensed music
  • Unlimited footage use
  • Ability to add your own logo and text

Business Package: $39.99 a month

Professional Plan plus

  • 10-minute videos
  • Business-class editing styles
  • 1080p HD downloads
  • Access to stock videos
  • Branding Available
  • Access to email marketing tools
  • Site embedding of videos
  • Analytics
  • Priority customer support

Pricing doesn’t matter if the benefits aren’t up to par, which is why we have detailed the positives and negatives of Magisto below.


  • Easy upload
  • Numerous options with themes, styles, and music
  • Host, download, and share on the same platform


  • Themes are a little busy and complicated
  • Significant price jump for videos over 5 minutes
  • Slow download speeds at lower price points


Flowvella is interactive presentation software that is simple in its use. It’s available on mobile and comes with a PDF embed support. Flowvella is only available for Mac and IOS users, but its ability to enable people to work collaboratively on creating visually appealing presentations make it an outstanding option for those who have those devices.

We say the application is simple because it is. The intuitive interface is designed to let users add elements and arrange them via drag and drop functions. Say goodbye to needing deep video-making knowledge and hello to beautiful professional videos.

With this option, you have the option to go with the free version, which comes with access to four public presentations and ten slides per presentation. However, if you’re an individual that needs access to a much greater volume, then you will want to consider the Pro package which is only $20 a month. The pro package gives you unlimited presentations, but also access to analytics, professional web player, and a whole lot more. That being said, nothing will beat the enterprise package which is a perfect option for a company thanks to the quote customization. You’ll need to discuss with a rep what the price will be but some features you can expect include branded apps, integrated content, and other custom features.


The next entry on our top five is a web-based editing tool known as Biteable. This tool is strikingly similar to Animoto considering that it also helps create explainer, social media, and ad videos. However, unlike Animoto, Biteable is loaded with a myriad of options. Just some of the options include the ability to switch to business, intro and outro maker, animated, and Instagram video styles. Perhaps the best feature of Biteable is the near perfect blend between automation and user engagement. Users can choose between a ready-made template or create one by themselves. 

In addition to video options, with Biteable you can add your own original compositions, YouTube verified tracks, and even access the audio library to create the perfect sound for your video. Biteable outshines Animoto in this category thanks to its more robust customization. Plus, the songs available don’t come loaded with ads like the ones with Animoto.

If you’re busy yet refuse to compromise on attention to detail then Biteable may just be the video editing tool for you or your company despite only being available as a web-based solution, which means no mobile access as some other options offer. That being said, you don’t want to make a commitment without considering the pros and cons just like you would with any other business decision.


  • Lack of ads
  • 85,000 stock footage clips
  • Blends with already designed templates


  • Have to have every track licensed for every video
  • Drag and drop function could be better
  • Watermark present with the free version
  • Text style can’t be changed when using a template
  • Cost

It’s true that Biteable comes in a free package that is pretty good compared to other free options, however, unless you’re doing something for a class you’ll want the paid version to at least remove the watermark. That being said, it’s quite a jump from $0 to $276 for a video editing tool despite its benefits.


Another popular alternative to Animoto is Shotcut. This is an open-source video editing and encoding software that is widely available across Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Plus, the platform can handle up to 4K resolution and features broad format support. Basically, this is a highly capable platform despite not being as professional and intuitive as some of its competition. With this option, it’s more about the power behind the program rather than the packaging.

If you are a filmmaker that loves what you do and want raw function than Shotcut is the choice for you. Shotcut offers a wide variety of editing features and audio/visual effects. While the platform is not as polished as some others, it can outperform when it comes to putting together an excellent video.

Some specific features that really elevates Shotcut include:

  • Wide-format support
  • Numerous audio options
  • Range of video effects
  • Lots of editing features
  • Cross-platform access
  • Codec independent
  • Monitoring and display
  • Hardware support

The best part about Shotcut is that it’s absolutely free. Every feature, every function, and every thing is at your fingertips from day one at no additional cost. Considering the price point, the platform is surprisingly powerful with excellent effects and options. However, Shotcut is not as intuitive as other commercial applications, which means a greater learning curve comes with this option. Plus, there is a distinct lack of transitions. Plus, Shotcut lacks built-in sharing to popular sites, a nice interface, and advanced features common with the top paid options. If your bread and butter are social media videos or you need top-level features you may want to consider other video editing options.


Apple has been a pioneer in the computer and applications industry for years. As a result, there are video editing options exclusive to iOS and Mac such as iMovie. With this option, you can transform photos and videos into movies that tell a story complete with logo and end credits. Everything from special moments to the most moving testimonial videos can be created with this platform. iMovie is easy to use and can support up to 4K resolution. In addition, videos created can be played directly from an Apple device or easily shared to social media and other video sharing websites such as YouTube.

The benefits are many and obvious with iMovie and they include:

  • User-Friendly Interface: With this application, you don’t have to be a video editing god. You just need to select your template, music, and media and build the final product from the ground up.
  • Custom built: This tool lets you add custom logos, cast names, and credit rolls to help your video stand out and truly represent your brand and story.
  • Effects: Don’t forget the special effects and enhancements iMovie offers. Between the numerous filters, themes, and other options there is no shortage of options in building your final product. You can even add voice-overs to make the perfect explainer video.
  • Sharing is caring: The movies you create with iMovie can be shared easily across social media, the Cloud, AirDrop and other methods of video sharing.

The best part about iMovie is that it’s free after you have purchased the product itself. No ongoing monthly payment and you get all of the benefits and features from day one. However, its device exclusivity and lack of advanced features can be negative despite the free price point. Plus, while it is possible, the process to upload to YouTube is cumbersome at best.


Throughout this article, we have learned a lot about the video editing options available. However, all of these choices beg the question: Which one is right for me? That’s a loaded question that is best answered by you and your team. However, if you follow our checklist you will find that the decision is easier than you think.

  • Consult your budget: While price shouldn’t be the only factor, it is an important one. The truth is that platforms like Biteable are excellent, but can you afford $276 a month? You need to know that answer. If free is your budget at this point, then your decision is down to Shotcut or iMovie assuming you have the equipment for both. Shotcut has raw power and customization while iMovie offers an easier platform that is social media friendly. Make your choice accordingly.
  • What do you want to accomplish: If you need the slickest social media video editor then an app like iMovie or Shotcut isn’t going to get the job done because they aren’t built for that. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses so choose the one that best matches with your capabilities and end goals.

Once you have made it past those two points, you should have a pretty good idea which option is best suited for your goals. That being said, from a sheer price vs value perspective, we have to give the edge to Magisto. The range of pricing plans available allows perfect customization between features and price. Plus, Magisto is only $40 a month for the most expensive plan. Branding, hosting, sharing, and a semi-automatic video editor loaded with features, styles, and themes/audio? Sign us up!

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